AsiaPasific As an international travel retail contractor, luxury wine and spirits distributor, and DFTR operator in Mainland Southeast Asia, with a strong focus on Indochina and the Indian Ocean, we provide a critical link between the consumer goods industry and the travel retail market in the ASEAN and other APAC countries.

AsiaPasific handles your brand from the factory to the Shop’s shelf or onboard, daily. From Brand owners to manufacturers and duty-free operators at main Terminals, already many Industry leaders around the world enjoy our unique logistic and distribution system in the ASEAN and rest of the Pacific Ocean. Leveraging state-of-the-art logistics centers in Singapore, we can facilitate the smooth movement of products at scale from our warehouses to our clients’ shops across the region. Not only does our ready-built supply chain infrastructure address the unique logistical challenges of the travel retail market, but clients can also save from warehousing and storage costs.​

We structure the brand owner’s economy of scale and provide capillary distribution solutions. We’ve put in place our strategy which is really focused on looking at the end-to-end supply chain, from supplier to shelf, based on an analysis of the business, where our brand partners are, and where our airports and point of sales are. Our team is fully dedicated to this and at most challenging projects.​

We also assist international investors looking to enter ASEAN’s emerging markets. Our International Vietnam-based team of retail consultants and experts will be able to assess all relevant issues, guiding investors throughout all the Investment process from scouting of locations onwards. ASIAPASIFIC ASEAN’s INFLIGHT catalog offers Asia’s richest catalog of luxury duty-free products ranging from perfumes, cosmetics, spirits, wines, and confectionery.